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10 things to do to get ready for therapy.

  1. Research potential therapists: Look for therapists who specialize in the issues you want to work on and who have experience working with people in similar situations as yours.

  2. Check if your insurance covers therapy: If you have insurance, check if it covers therapy and if there are any restrictions on the therapists you can see.

  3. Choose a therapist: Once you have a list of potential therapists, choose one that you feel comfortable with and that you think can help you.

  4. Schedule your first appointment: Call or email the therapist's office to schedule your first appointment.

  5. Think about your goals: Before your first appointment, think about what you hope to achieve from therapy.

  6. Write down any questions or concerns: Write down any questions or concerns you have before your first appointment so that you can ask your therapist.

  7. Make sure you have the time: Make sure you have the time to commit to therapy, as it can be a significant time commitment.

  8. Consider bringing a support person: If you are nervous about going to therapy, consider bringing a support person with you to your first appointment.

  9. Be honest and open: Be honest and open with your therapist about your thoughts and feelings, as this will help them to better understand your situation.

  10. Be patient with yourself: Remember that therapy is a process and that it can take time to see results. Be patient with yourself and trust the process.

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